Credits are the basis for acquiring much of the media in N21Mobile. Each membership comes with come level of Media Credits each month. Credits roll over from month to month.*

Most Media titles can be acquired for personal use for 10 credits. Most Media Share titles can be acquired for 30 day sharing for 20 credits. Some media (such as special packs or premium media) may require more credits.

* Credits roll over from month to month but if you are accruing a lot of Media Credits, consider downgrading to a lower membership level which is less expensive and comes with fewer monthly Media Credits.

Premium Media is often the newest media that has been added to the N21Mobile platform and can not be acquired with Media Credts. Premium Media is only available to be acquired with a credit card (online) or by purchasing an activation code (usually at a Network TwentyOne function).

Media Packs are special bundles of media which can include, audios, videos and/or PDFs. Media Pack may be available to acquire with credits or they may be Premium Media Packs which are available to acquire in the same way Premium Media mentioned above.

Activation Codes are a unique way to acquire or activate media titles, media packs, credit pacs and in some cases N21Mobile memberships. Activitation Codes for the flexible sale of digital products and servies in an "off line environment". For example, from time to time Netork TwentyOne may offer a digital media title as a part of a physical product purchase. In this case the user would receive the physical item as well as an activation code for the digital title.

Be sure to take care an not lose any activation codes as they are just like a physical items and would have to be repurchased if lost.

Contact the person who sponsored you in the Amway business. In some instances, if your sponsor is not a member on N21Mobile, you may need to look further upline. If in doubt, contact your upline Platinum for more information.

Yes, all tools provided by N21Mobile.com are optional and can be purchased at the discretion of the user.

N21Mobile provides digital membership subscribers access to Network TwentyOne’s full library of media. Titles are either included as part of a membership or obtained through membership credits.

N21Mobile allows you to stream and download N21 videos, audios, and documents directly to your mobile device. N21Mobile also serves as the source for acquiring (via membership credits) additional media for sharing with downline IBOs and prospects as appropriate.

We recognize there are many reasons memberships expire, such as an expired credit card or incorrect data. Therefore, we will attempt to charge your credit card a minimum of 3 times before making your membership inactive. You will be able to reactivate your membership simply by logging in to N21mobile.com and updating your payment details with the appropriate credit card or N21Mobile Scratch Card. We will email you each time we attempt to charge your credit card for a subscription renewal to inform you whether it was a successful transaction or not.

No. We will retain your membership profile as well as you media library of acquired media for up to 12 months. If you re-subscribe after 12 months of inactivity your media library will not retain any prior acquisitions.

No, you may only access the N21Mobile Media library with a valid subscription. Your membership and credits grant you access to specific portions of the N21Mobile library and as such can only be accessed with a valid membership. Note that should you reactivate your membership within 12 months, all media acquired previously will be retained in your media library.

All unused credits roll over each month. The only exception would be if your membership lapses for 12 consecutive months. In this case all credits expire. 

Based on your membership level, you will receive a specific CEP each month in the 1st week of the month.

Unfortunately not. CEP are designed as an ongoing subscription designed specifically for the N21Mobile member and as such the titles can not be shared. Over time, some CEP titles will be made available in the Media Library to be acquired for personal use or Media Share.

Media may be acquired from the N21Mobile media library to share with downline and/or prospects as appropriate*.  After the media title is acquired to share, an IBO may share that title for up to 30 days. Media is then shared from in the N21Mobile app creating a unique link for each share instance. Should a member wish, they can renew the share license every 30 days.



*Remember that only media approved for use with prospects should be shared with prospects.

Apple has unique requirements for its apps that Google does not. As such the N21Mobile app is only available as an Enterprise Distribution. Such apps are restricted to a closed group of users/members such as Network TwentyOne affiliated IBOs subscribed to N21Mobile.

To download the N21Mobile app you must first subscribe to a digital membership at N21mobile.com. After subscribing you will be sent an email with simple instructions on how to download the app. You can also download by logging in to N21Mobile.com and clicking on the iPhone or Google app icons as appropriate.

The N21Mobile app is supported on Apple products with iOS of 10.0 (released September 2016) and above and Android 7 (released March 2016) and above. It is not supported on Blackberry, Windows, or any laptop or desktop.

No. Here is how it works: the app provides you with access to a varied list of videos, audios and documents. This list does not take any significant amount of memory on your device. It is only when you choose to download an audio or video product as opposed to simply streaming it (using the “Play Now” button) that you begin to use significant memory. However, once media is downloaded through the app, no Wi-Fi or internet connection is needed to view or listen. Note: You can simply delete a media title from downloads to free up memory. Deleting a title from the device does not prevent you from listening to and/or downloading it again at a later date.

It usually only takes around 30-60 seconds to download media title depending upon your Wi-Fi connection. However, once downloaded, no Wi-Fi or internet connection is needed in order to listen.

To broadcast videos found on the N21Mobile, you must first download the videos. You can then play through Apple TV or hook up your device to any television with the appropriate HDMI cable. Wi-Fi connection is not necessary as the video is saved within your app once downloaded.

No, you can only watch and listen to the digital products through the N21Mobile app.

The following is required on all Apple devices installing Enterprise Distribution apps such as N21Mobile>

Go to Settings and General. Scroll down to Device Management and click on Network TwentyOne. Click Trust Network TwentyOne and then you will be able to log in.

You may install the N21Mobile app and access your membership from a maximum of 3 devices. by example, in this way both you and your spouse/Amway Co-Applicant can each have the app on their smart phone and also have the app installed on one more device such as a tablet.

Each N21Mobile membership may be associated with up to 3 devices at any given time. If you have exceeded this 3 device limit, upon opening your N21Mobile app you will be informed of this. To resolve this issue, simply click on the Manage Your Licences link in the pop up alert in your N21Mobile app or login to your membership at country_code_here.n21mobile.com, click on your name in the upper right and select Manage App Licence. From here you can:

  1. Revoke - This is the most common selection. This action can be reversed later and the device added back to the account.  If in doubt, select this option.
  2. Delete - This is the less common option and is used when a device has been lost, stolen, destroyed or given away. This option blocks the device from access to N21Mobile in the future.

Audio files are set at a constant quality of just under 1 MB per minute and can not be changed.

Video file size can be adjusted. In N21Mobile app Settings there is an option to adjust the quality of the video titles you download. Low Quality yeilds videos with a file size of approximately 2-3 MB per minute. High Quality yeilds videos with a file size of approximately 4-7 MB per minute.